Camera Girls


Canon C100, Panasonic HPX300, Canon 70D DSLR, Osmo Stabilizer Camera, Go Pro and Sachtler 20 tripods.


4 Tram Lavaliers, Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun mic with Rycote wind cover, Sound Devices 302 stereo mixer, 2 Lectrosonics UHF wireless diversity microphones that have 256 selectable frequencies, Shure SM81 handheld mic, Van deBergh graphite boom pole, Umbilical audio cable with quick release, Yamaha playback speaker, Sony DV48 headsets.


I own a very large lighting package that will handle 90% of all situations we may run into. These lights are included in my package price, which saves on renting a grip truck! I package each shoot depending on speed, look and size of crew.

  • Diva Light by Kinoflo, with both Daylight and Tungsten no-heat fluorescent bulbs.
  • 1x1 Visual Buddha Bi-Color dimmable LED light.
  • Dedo Light, for interesting background patterns and close in product photography.
  • Rifa Light 500W softlight
  • 2K Mole Baby Junior.
  • 2K Ianero Slim Jim.
  • 2-1K Mole Babies.
  • 1K Arri open face.
  • 1K Photoflex Softlight with levelours.
  • 2 Arri 650 watt Fresnels Tweenies.
  • 2 Arri 150 watt Fresnel Minis.
  • 650W Chimera Softlight.
  • 2-650W Lowel Omnis.
  • Lowel Pro Light, battery operated, 100-250W.
  • 2 dimmers.
  • Anton Bauer Ultra Light 2
  • 3 Flexfills.
  • 6' x 6' double net to diffuse harsh sunlight for exterior interviews.
  • Stands of many different types including 3 C-stands.
  • Nets & flags, 8 shot bags, lots of cable, several apple boxes, 3 furniture pads, carpet runners, duvateen & first aid kit.
  • Green Screen backgrounds: Seamless, Large & Medium cloth.
  • Beautiful grey motelled painted back drop.
  • Variable speed turntable for product photography.
  • Rosco scrim for hot windows, colored gels, foamcore.


       Professional 17" talent teleprompter for a high polished quality delivery!


Small DP's AC7 & DP4 monitors.


A highly portable, very smooth dolly, the "Sawed Board" from Australia. Rides on PVC pipe, sets up in 15 seconds, really dresses up shots.

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