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Ned’s Verifable LinkedIn Recommendations

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    "Ned is an extraordinary talent who is not only a superb videographer, but he is also an experienced storyteller. Tell Ned your needs and I guarantee you'll get back more than you asked for! My clients love him and I know that when he's the shooter, they are in great hands!"
    Allison Davis, Executive Director, Arts Horizons
  • "The quality of Ned's footage surpassed our expectations. He is extremely creative and his work is technically perfect. I insisted we stop editing to call Ned and thank him for doing a great job. I highly recommend Ned."
    James Curio, President/CEO, CVisualEvidence
  • "Ned Miller is a diligent, knowledgable, and creative DP / cinematographer. He was super easy to work with and very efficient - a total pro. I highly recommend Ned for your next project."
    Paul Matian, Producer, Leo Burnett Group
  • "What I loved the most about working with Ned is his ability to walk us through the creative process and help us understand the best way to get the best shot. He made our entire shoot so much better by offering great advice in a way that was helpful and respectful. I would highly recommend him!"
    Robin Bennett, Owner, The Dog Gurus
  • "Ned is a DP, but do not limit him to that title. Ned is also a Director/Producer, and great collaborator. Ned can run a complicated shoot, or more important, help guide less experienced peers in a calm, gentle manner through a challenging day. Ned is a positive creative influence on any set."
    Frank Grimes, TV Producer, Animal Planet
  • "Out of all the production people I've hired around the world in my travels, I'd have to say Ned is one of my all time favorite. Not only is he a personable guy and fun to work with, but he's a true professional- comes prepared, knowledgeable about his craft, hard working, energetic, creative and most of all, resourceful. Ned rolls with last minute changes and has great suggestions... some which really saved our production.”
    Cheryl Dolan, Owner, BCI Media
  • "Ned was a pleasure to work with and he is first on my list of future videographers in the Chicago area. He brings with him years of experience, the passion to capture footage that is compelling and meaningful and the personality to respond to the varied needs of the moment. He gave me exactly what I needed and then some. Ned works very hard to get the details perfect, while always keeping the big picture in mind.”
    Karen Bess, Training Manager, TCGRx
  • "Ned is fantastic! I don't even have to direct him - he already knows what to do - usually more than I do. He always goes the extra mile and he is top notch at what he does. If you are looking for someone who is reliable, extremely competent, and that you will enjoy being around for hours during your shoot - Ned is your guy!”
    Laura Kelly, Executive Producer, REV Productions
  • Ned brings an enthusiasm and passion to his work that inspires those around him, and his ability to always get the perfect shots makes him truly invaluable to any production. Ned is and always will be my go to cameraman!"
    Javier Ruisanchez, Executive Producer, Loyola Productions
  • "Ned Miller is my first choice, always. He is professional, experienced, gracious, hard-working and talented. He combines a DP’s eye with a producer’s pragmatism and an editor’s skill."
    Sarah Yarnell, Ad Agency Producer/Director.
  • "Ned’s most outstanding trait is his ability to coach a client who really doesn't know much about video. He acts as a coach and mentor throughout the whole process."
    Tim Winkler, Executive Director, Victories For Men.
  • "Ned is detail orientated and ensured that at every step of the project we would have a great end product. A true creative professional and great to work with."
    Marci Daniel, Director of Marketing, Hatch Inc.
  • "The video turned out exactly as imagined when I wrote the storyboard and was very well received by our customers."
    Kami Periman, Marketing & Events Coordinator, The Early Learning Experts.
  • "Ned has an indefatigable pursuit of perfection and an “I can fix that!” attitude. I would heartily recommend him to anyone."
    Judy Rosman, President, Neurosurgeon Search
  • "His keen eye for video dynamics ensured that we now have a powerful tool to market our show for our guaranteed success. Ned is easy to work with, on time and very reasonably priced."
    Patti Geye, Marketing Manager, CONSTRUCT
  • "Ned is highly creative, detail-oriented and very personable. He has great eye and doesn't miss a thing! I wouldn't use anyone else."
    Lou Ville, HR Manager, Crate & Barrel
  • "Ned Miller has been instrumental in helping our company produce over 25 training videos, along with interactive DVDs for Fortune 100 clients in 16 languages."
    Kris Hanson, Creative Director, The Quest Group
  • "Ned stands constantly ready to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible output. He is genuinely committed to excellence from start to finish."
    Dawn Grimes, Marketing Exec, AOL
  • "Ned is among the most professional and creative people I've had the pleasure to work with anywhere. He's my first call for any video work in Chicago."
    David Wachsman, Executive Producer, Ultracomm
  • "Ned's been almost everywhere, done almost everything, combine that knowledge and Ned's attitude to keep things fresh and you can't go wrong."
    Jim Lynch, Executive Producer, Full Frame Productions
  • "Ned’s creative input was invaluable. The result was lively, entertaining business television segments highly valued (and applauded) by my clients."

    Pam Picard, Marketing Executive, Pizza Hut
  • "Ned is one of the few videographers I trust to get the job done right the first time! He always exceeds our expectations, on time and on budget."
    Bill Brennan, CEO, Expo Chicago
  • "When we come to Chicago, Ned is our first call. I know I can give him the production low-down and he'll make it happen. With or without a director, Ned solves problems and returns with the goods."
    John Holser, Producer, Digital Film Farm

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